“Before I was so consumed by pain that I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t think straight.
One of my worst trigger points on my shoulder has improved so much that my husband can now touch
it without me hitting the ceiling. Its incredible!

We are still experimenting to try and improve my neck pain, and I still get problems down my arm,
but I am sure we will get there with practice.

I do truly believe that this tape could benefit others with chronic muscular tension and wondered
if you had thought about branching out, or perhaps doing a trial in a pain management unit.
You could potentially help thousands of people manage their pain a little better, and get back
some quality of life that would otherwise elude them.”
– Amanda Brown, 38

“When used appropriately and accurately, it can have the most amazing results. It can be used for pain relief,
reduction of swelling, increased range of movement and in conjunction with other techniques can help to encourage
effective muscle activity. This technique is a very useful tool to have for any physiotherapist – not just those
within the musculo-skeletal field.”
– Iskandar Amin, 42

“I just used it for my knee yesterday during the Portland Marathon with fantastic results!!
Stayed in place the whole time, and my knee feels amazing. I never get through a run without knee pain,
but had zero yesterday or today. I personally think it’s an amazing product, thanks!”
– Alan, 29

“I never believe in Kinesiology tape. But, after used AIRFLEX, it does seem to work and
the pain is a lot less now. If you use it together with the ice treatment, it is amazing. I recommend it!”
– Katie James, 27

“I use AIRFLEX to help with my lymphadema and yes it does work. Lifts the skin and helps to drain lymphatic
fluid and therefore reduces swelling and associated aching feeling in my arm. Been using it for years now.”
– Bernard Mark, 32

“This is an awesome product. I use it almost every day or when I have aches and pains.
It works and helps with recovery!”
– Ryan, 35